Flint Jay Ferkin Insurance Services

About Flint Jay Ferkin
I am a full service insurance professional here to meet your needs and make the insurance process easy for you.  I can take complicated insurance concepts and make them simple understandable.  You can trust me to find the products that will meet your needs and your budget.

I began my career in the insurance industry in 2005. I have loved it from day one. I was awarded as a "Rookie of the Year" based on my efforts to help families in selecting the correct plans.  I have been asked to provide training to other agents in our company. I have trained agents in CA, UT and AZ.  Recently one of the agents I trained locally here in Sacramento, was awarded "Rookie of the Year" 

On a personal note, I am happliy Married and an active father of 3 (very active) boys. I am a committed member of my church and community.  
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